Friday, June 21, 2013

Holy Cannoli!

This is what happens when Grandma comes to visit: you get your first cannoli!
It was delicious and the food market we went to was so fun (though perhaps a bit pricey for me). I love seeing so much food everywhere, all different types and varieties of meats, veggies, grains...teas. It is so pleasing to just look at. I enjoyed it! It makes me want to eat everything!

The family is all home now. Due to school, I wasn't able to go to my sister's graduation in another state, and the stress of being away from my family group didn't mix well with common frustration (and missing out on an important event in my sister's life), and I cried at school (something I NEVER do, even when I don't understand) when a french twist gave me some trouble. But I have been out of it since everyone left on Wednesday, so thank goodness I am ahead on the work I have to do, because I have, admittedly, been a bit slow these past few days.  But everyone is back, everything is normal again, and now I can relax. Thank goodness my grandma is here!

Have a wonderful and unstressful Friday, everyone! I have missed you all! ♥

P.S. Spellcheck does not like the word "cannoli". I had to google it to make sure it was right. x3