Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm Inspired by Nature!

The necklace is finished! I'm so happy -- so many things went right with this one. I got the right amount of chains between flowers to make each strand fall perfectly under the ones above, the flowers are tight, and I have the right colored beads for this color thread.

I also found my new photo backdrop. At least until it's trimmed...which I hope isn't soon. I may have to plea to let these shrubs stay taller longer. They're so lovely, and when I look out my window I feel comfy and buried under green leaves. Makes me feel like I belong in movies like Arriety, Arthur and the Invisibles, and Epic (which I have yet to see). I just want to shrink right down to be a tiny, tiny person so I can explore outside from a totally different perspective.

With these crocheted flower necklaces, I get to wear a bit of nature everywhere I go. My imagination is constantly inspired when I wear or make things that reflect the world around me, especially the outdoors.

Wishing you all a creative, inspired, outdoorsy Saturday! ♥