Friday, May 17, 2013

Paint Chips and Color Slips

I'm studying Cosmetology. Naturally, my dream is that, when I graduate and pass the state exams, I will own my own salon (perhaps with my sister if she doesn't decide on owning a restaurant kitchen rather than a salon). Of course, I plan on working in another person's salon where I can learn more about what I do and more about running a business before I jump on out in the world and invest in  something that may flop if I do not put well-planned thought into it.

I have recently finished my second semester of Cosmetology, and there is a project due for third semester that is that of planning to build my own salon. Part of that planning is the picking of colors of walls, floors, and furniture to help someone visualize your imaginary interior.

This is right up my alley. Seriously. 

So when my parents left to go buy some paint for the living room and my little brother and sister's room, I tagged along and rifled through paint chip after paint chip with a high amount of glee.
At first, I started picking pastel green colors with the thought of a dark chocolate arrangement of wooden floors and furniture bringing it all together. An earthy spa sort of thing. But then my mom came by and looked and my selection, remarking that she was surprised I was choosing such plain colors.

I looked down and saw those greens in a whole new light. I imagined myself sitting in a salon that color, and with the greens being so light, I realized that they looked better on the paint chip than in my plan, and I would probably be uncomfortable in such a light environment. (Not that green is a bad selection, just these hues together.)

Let's face it, the world isn't colored in solid pastels. God had a much richer color scheme than just that when he created this earth. Why should I be so reserved? =D

I was freed. I wanted rich, warm colors on the walls that would make me want to fall asleep in the sunshine.

I turned to the purples, reds, and hot pinks, finding the perfect shades possessing enough tints from each to create the perfect mental salon with a Bohemian air. Thanks to my sister, I am obsessed with that particular style. For once, I didn't actually pay attention to the names of the colors swatches. I just grabbed at colors and they came together: walls, trim, doors, all of it. I even went to the kitchen department and got some pamphlets of counter tops for reference. It was highly satisfying.

I can just see me with my own house in the future. Blank walls will be canvases. 

I come from a creative family, so seeing my own sense of style develop is exciting. My mother is already excellent in her designing techniques, and I want to be as good as her when it comes time for me to be in charge of designing a business or home.

Ah, paint. I love it, even if it is only imaginary. ♥