Friday, May 24, 2013

Occupying My Time With Paints & Things

{I decided to forgo the yarn today and go after the paints instead.}

{I snagged some chunks of slag out of the driveway and cleaned them up so they could come inside and get beautified.}

{After much consideration, I settled on a mosaic style. I know it's not the classiest painting, but it occupied me for quite a while and made me happy, so that's what matters!}

{After I finished painting on the stone, my craving for painting had not yet been satisfied. Being a whittler, I have a supply of sticks I planned to save for hiking. But they are barkless and the biggest canvases in my closet.} 

{All in all, I am quite happy now, and I have painted til my heart's content. Not a bad way to spend a cool afternoon after shopping all morning.}

Have a wonderful Friday. Go an do something creative today! Anything. =D