Thursday, May 30, 2013

Changes Coming in the Winds of Tomorrow

One more day of May, six more days until my third semester starts. It's supposed to be rough, and it's going to be a challenge. I know I can handle it, but it's going to be tough. I hope I'll have enough time, though, to let my mind unwind and do something crafty to post here. I do expect I'll be quite busy, though. But it's useless to think about that now before it's even started. Why worry yet, hmm?

Everything seems to be catching up to last year in the blooming and growing department. I went outside yesterday and snapped some photos from around the house of various flowers, lilies, fruit blossoms, grains, honeysuckle, pitcher plants, and, of course, the magnolia blossoms. Every breath outside brings in a waft of the musky-sweet honeysuckle that can be found all over the property, and every sideways glance yields some plant thriving in rich greens and blossoms.

The days are getting warmer, and the evenings staying lighter longer. If it weren't for mosquitoes and other slurping insects, I'd be sitting outside in the shade right now, because when there is a nice breeze and a glass of tea in my hands, no heat can bother me.

I've been feeling poetic lately, but often I'm doing something else when the inspiration strikes me, so it fizzles away. I can feel it all leaving me the closer class gets as my mind switches from creative to analytical. There are tests to be done, homework to be worked, and projects to be written up in my future, so my thinking cap must go on and stay on for quite some time. I'll be in class longer than I have been the last two semesters because summer semesters are short, so I'll have less time in the evening to do anything other than the work due the next day. I'm not complaining, no, far from it. Rather, just thinking out loud and trying to get a mental schedule going in my mind in hopes of squeezing creativity in somewhere.

For now, I shall savor my last few days, and shall smile when class time comes. My college classes are a blessing and shall be treated as such. I am lucky to be there. And I shall work my keester off to the best of my abilities or not at all! I will be successful and determined to finish with a bang!

Wishing you all a great Thursday! ♥

...I'm going to start working on all of my homework early. Mwuah.