Thursday, May 23, 2013

20 Years, Oh My!

{A wonderful Japanese tea set I got today! ♥}

I'm 20 years old today. God has permitted me to live two decades now. I don't particularly feel any older than I did yesterday, aside from standing in the realization that in ten years I'll be 30....Odd. But there is some sort of...I don't know how to put it, air about today that is...thought provoking, that makes me feel small. I can't quite put my finger on it. It's surreal. I'm 20.

I keep telling myself that. 

I'm 20! And I'll only have ten years to BE in my 20s!

I want to do new things this year. I want to try new foods (starting it off by having a raspberry chocolate torte instead of a Boston Cream Pie for my "cake" today), I want to try new arts (I have some in mind, actually), I want to read new books (I have a whole list of accumulated works that I have yet to even open just waiting to be read), I want to write new things and FINISH what I have started writing (starting by getting my novel into Word on my main computer. That might inspire some action. -chuckle- And maybe get a book of poetry done.), and I want to make time for all of these things. I know I have a hectic next few months coming, and then I'll be a full-functioning working adult, but I want to do these things and share the results with YOU. I want to blog more and be a better blogger.

So, let's make this in a list, shall we?

•  Try new foods!

• Try new arts!

• Read new books!

• Write new things (and get published) !

• Write more things!

• Make more time.

• Spend more time with God.

^-- That is most important of all.--^

And if there is one thing I have learned recently, or something that has particularly held steadfast in my mind about life this far (laugh at me all you like for my young naive thoughts -- I'll laugh at them in ten years), it's be bold, daring, and be proud of being YOU. You are you and no one else, show it off! Be your own flavor in life -- I want to be! I want to live!

Goodnight, world. This girl is off to bed! ♥

P.S. If something isn't punctuated properly, blame tired eyes at almost midnight after a long day.