Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blueberry Tuesday

{Moments after I began picking.}

 {My mom's bowl after her ten to fifteen minutes of picking.}
 {This one had a birdie snack on it!}
 {My bucket after a while of picking.}

When I woke up this morning, the house was void of all but us kids. My little brother ran out of my room (as usual) in his happy way in hopes of getting his sacred breakfast of oatmeal and milk (like he does every morning). Every room was quiet, though, but the kitchen window was open. 

I was just starting to drag myself out of bed when he burst back in through the door, screaming happily that Mommy was going to let him come outside and pick blueberries! Had he kept screaming with joy, surely his face would have looked like one, too! But he was so thrilled to go outside and pick, and before I even got out there with a bucket of my own, he was hastily snatching at berries saying, "Here's a big one! Come to papa!" 
(Honest, the things he comes up with sometimes. It's hilarious in its own right. He's so bubbly and happy all the time!)

When I got out there, my mom's bowl of berries was quite full, so I had to tote my square tub to another bush to start picking. I would move from one branch to another, and when I would go back, the previous branch would be full of blueberries so tender from the rain and heat that they would just fall right off into my hand. I had to be careful picking them, because if I yanked one off a bit too hard, I could send a whole shower of blueberries elsewhere plummeting to the ground, and that would be a waste!

They kept falling, though, and I kept picking, soon resulting in a rather full tub, especially when my dad dumped the contents of his bowl right into mine. Not that I minded....

We picked all of the berries we could reach, and must garb ourselves in bee suits just to avoid getting covered in ticks while we explore the depths if the inner branches. But we shall rest for now. It's starting to get a tad warm outside, and there are things to be done inside to prepare for the coming of my grandmother who will be staying with us for a while come next Monday!

My little sister just came in with her breakfast: a bowl of homegrown pears and blueberries slathered in our homegrown honey!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July, everyone! 
Enjoy those fireworks and classic slabs of angel food cake! ♥