Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peachy Sunday

It was a lovely Sunday morning. 

I have been itching for the past week to run out to the pond and snap photos of the beautiful lavender-plum colored flower blossoms there, but every time I would plan to go outside, something would keep me inside. It was torture, as I knew every day I spent not getting pictures of them was a day closer to them not being there at all, wilting away into the still water below. So when my family went into the front yard this morning, I dove for the nearest charged batteries, snagged my camera and flip flops, and made a beeline for the pond. 

Needless to say, I am very content now.

I wandered about the yard then, looking for something that begged to be immortalized in my digital film. At first glance, there was very little, but then I was confronted with the peach trees. Now, whether or not the peaches were ready to be picked or not, I don't know, but the little guy in charge of making the fruit should be fired because there was SO MUCH fruit on the trees that the two of them were bending, and one had even snapped a huge branch right off the upper trunk. The wood was all peeled away like a fruit tree hangnail. 

Thinking of my piggies and their needs of munching and crunching (and not wanting good fruit to go wasted!), I snagged a basket from inside the house and returned with the intention to fill it. I did, and it weighs quite a lot, making it a hassle to pick up because the threat of falling fruit onto one's feet is always there! Though furry peaches would be far from deadly. Perhaps it would have been if the handle of the basket had snapped off, but it didn't, so that made me happy. Though, the basket did creak and moan as I lugged it from tree to tree and up the front porch. It was stuffed to the hilt with any peaches that did not have brown rot all over them, which turned out to be a lot in my eyes, but very little compared to the amounts of fruit WITH the brown rot on the trees. Those were not wasted either, however, for we threw them into the chicken yard. The hens hid in a corner for quite some time, not even venturing out to see just what was falling from the sky. But when I glanced over my shoulder a while later, I saw them chasing whichever lucky one happened to have a peach in her beak. The worms would have a rest today, at least. 

And then, as if this wasn't adventure enough, my mom brought our Saint Bernard out for a bath. Sitting in the shade of the magnolia, I photographed the water running down the huge dog feet, and relished in the shots of her shaking...though they did not come out very well. Much to my dismay.

But Sunday is not done yet! It is only 3 pm, and there are many more hours of daylight waiting to reveal possible picture moments. I shall be ready, staring out my bedroom window, camera in hand.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And an even better Monday morning! (Okay, that's asking for it, but a nice cup of coffee will cheer you up, right?)

P.S. I'd like to say hello, welcome, and thank you to all of my lovely new followers and random commenters! You all make blogging worthwhile!