Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coasters, Coasters, Coasters!

Random crochet projects are perhaps some of my favorites. I get to use every skill I've learned from following patterns, smoosh them all into one, and make something totally unique to me. It's a wonderful feeling to see yourself in your work, and then see others enjoying your work. It's perhaps the biggest compliment in the world to an artist.

Which is exactly what happened not too long ago. I get random urges to crochet coasters. Everyone needs one, and the cats are always kidnapping them and hiding them goodness knows where in the house, so my craft is particularly requested.

I picked the colors without thinking much about it, and when I had crocheted about half of the below coaster, I realized that it matched my sister's bedroom flawlessly. The colors and even the style of it go completely along with everything else in her room, so I decided to let it become a permanent resident on her nightstand. (In fact, many of my creations go to my sister's room. Case and point, a box I decoupaged some time ago that is now used to hold her pencils.)

I must say, it looks very happy there.

When I finished, though, I still had a swig of creative juice left in me. And after a spilling catastrophe on my desk but a day earlier (a swamp of tea slipping across the entire thing, soaking everything possible -- something I call Mother Nature's way of saying, "CLEAN YOUR DESK, YOU LAZY BUM!" which, sadly, worked, resulting in some of my notebooks AND a magazine becoming waterlogged, or, rather, tealogged), I was drink-coaster-less.

So I made myself one! Which always pleases me since I love to make things to decorate my own room. Making things for other people is a blast, but when I can make something that actually works and is attractive for my room, I am in complete bliss.

It goes without saying that coasters are my favorite things to crochet.

Have a wonderful week, my lovely followers! ♥

P.S. What could these possibly be for? ;D