Sunday, May 13, 2012

Merry Mother's Day~!

I began what is perhaps one of my best decoupaged cards yesterday evening, spending quite some time planning and designing the perfect Mother's Day card. After going through three magazines (Better Homes & Gardens to be exact) and spending two hours chopping up, arranging, and pasting pictures to my folded card, this beauty emerged.

I have always loved decoupage. My grandmother got me into the art. She used to give my sister and me small boxes and some old magazines (Goodness knows she had enough to spare. She collected magazines!), then tell us to decorate the inside of the box as the perfect house. She would then give me and my sister some scissors and glue, and we two little girls would have at it. We'd cut out pictures of the most expensive and fancy sofas, kitchen sets, elegant four-poster beds, lamps, anything! After selecting the furniture, we'd glue it all in and use the little flaps on the inside bottom of the box as walls separating one room from another. And then, one day, our boxes were upgraded into full-fledged cardboard houses that our grandma bought just for us. We went wild. (In fact, that most likely spawned my love for decorating, but that's another story for another time.)

Aside from letting her granddaughters wreak havoc on magazines to paste the cut-out pictures everywhere, my grandma was quite the advanced decoupager herself. She has decoupaged just about everything imaginable, including a pair of blue earrings sitting in my jewelry box -- they're some of my favorites. She made this magnificent blue necklace with huge decoupaged wooden beads once, and it was so pleasantly heavy around one's neck. Truly magnificent. I never really understood how she did it.

My decoupaging work is far less fabulous (as is my crochet work) than hers, but that does not keep me from eying old magazines in thrift and antique stores with a blatant intent to chop up. I mainly decoupage cards, but I have other projects waiting to be finished that I must say are rather fantastic in their own right. Well, at least by my standards. I shall have to show you all some time. -winks-

At this moment my desk is still covered in chopped up bits of paper and some leftover pictures that I had planned to use, but they just didn't work out for my card. They'll go in a little folder with the rest of my may-use-later scraps. I will paste them on something one of these days!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day all you mothers and daughters! Kick back, eat some chocolate, get your feet rubbed, and watch the Avengers! Or Thor. Or Captain America. Cute guys everywhere. -laughs loudly-