Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Strange Form of Creativity

If I were to pick a type of warm, sunny day that I preferred over all others, I would choose windy days without even the slightest of second thoughts. The way the invisible force plays in my hair and ruffles my clothes is truly invigorating, and the sculptures the wind carves of the clouds high above are quite marvelous works of art.

To tell the truth, I don't really have that much to say today. I feel very inspired to make some sort of art, but I don't exactly know what to make or what to make it out of.
What a strange sort of creativeness this is, indeed. Perhaps I'll just sit back and admire God's creation; listening to the wind rustle the tree branches above, watching the shadows play across the vivid grass, enjoying the hum of the bees in the cherry blossoms across the yard. Yes, there is so much to admire in this world, so much beauty and wonder. I should like to see all of it some day. The oceans, the mountains, the lush rainforests, even the savannah, far far away. I want to see cottages in Europe, smell the Mediterranean, see the sights and hear the sounds of a new world, a new place for me to experience first hand. For now, though, I shall sit under the shade of a peach tree and simply watch the clouds float over my cozy place, the place I call home....