Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Blurb on Herbs

My mom did not have to say much to convince me to run down to the bee garden with a pair of scissors. The only words she had to say were, "I know you like herbs" and "harvest the parsley."

Liking herbs, for me, is an understatement. For several years now I have been quite fascinated with using herbs as medicines and teas, and have enjoyed flipping the book my mom has about herbal remedies. While at a antique store I found a book about medicinal herbs for animals and went absolutely nutty. Five dollars for a huge book full of pictures and how-to's. I was in heaven on the spot!
Now, whenever I even see the word "herb" on some magazine or book, I instantly look into it, eager to read all I can about the many different plants and their uses. I've even dreamed of being an herbalist's apprentice (even though apprentices aren't that common these days, I still REALLY want to be one).

So today I gladly sat and chopped away at the parsley. Though, if we didn't have vitamin-C craving guinea pigs, I wouldn't have been as eager to chop away at the celery-like stalks with a big pair of blue scissors. But, we have four lovely piggies, and they love parsley, so I harvested all of the biggest stalks just for them!

It turns out that this very thing lead to a discussion about how it is said that there is little use for parsley other than being a garnish. Curious, I flipped through my animal herb book and found that statement to be quite false. Upon reading the lengthy passage of uses to my mom, she investigated what medical properties parsley has for humans. Turns out, it has many wonderful uses for both humans and animals. If you're curious, go check it out for yourself~ It is quite amazing to see all the uses this "garnish" has.

Best of wishes to anyone who is reading this today! I hope today is as pretty for you as it is for me. The trees are rocking in the wind here today, and the cool wind is quite refreshing. I could stand outside in it forever....