Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Sprigs of Spring

Come on ladies! Put those hands in the air!

Is there anything better than seeing baby plants sprouting? The dainty green chutes springing up out of the soil, adding sprigs of joy to every type of planting container, be it a regular pot or a grill, like this one. Each little plant works beautifully and perfectly, each standing up with its tiny leaves outstretched to the life-giving sun high above like paper-thin hands, cupping the rays and holding the life in their palms. I think that, most often, the smallest things are God's most fascinating creations. They are so fragile, so delicate, and they are perfect. If we tried to make something that small, that perfect, we couldn't do it. Not only would we have to make a tiny thing, but one that works and carries out life flawlessly. Then we would have to duplicate it over and over and over again, each duplicate being equally as perfect as the first. Only God could create something like that, and I am glad He did. I love everything He has made. Don't you?