Monday, April 25, 2011

So yesterday was a great Easter for my family and me. My mom made an absolutely perfect dinner and dessert, and I went to bed with a stomach ache from eating too much. I'm up to my ears in chocolate and other Easter goodies, and I have also added three new skeins of yarn to my growing collection (green, pink, and white). 8D I seriously need to reorganize the shelf I keep all of my yarn on now, since I have half a billion skeins, probably a million plastic bags, and thousands of finished projects all on one shelf. OKAY, maybe not THAT many, but a lot! x3

So now I am off to rot my teeth out with all this sugar. My toothbrush may be seeing me more often than it used to now. I'll probably be eating all this chocolate well into May. MWUAHAHAHAHA.