Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Quick Hiatus~

Sorry for not posting in such a while. I've been quite busy over here memorizing my six page poem. Memorizing a six page poem? you ask. Yes.

I entered a poetry contest a while ago and have been accepted into the finals. This will be my third (and last) year entering. The first time I entered, I won second place. The second time I entered, I won first. This year I'm hoping for first again, but I'm just entering for the fun of entering, so what place I get this year doesn't matter, really.

My first two poems were under twelve verses....This year, my subconsciousness must've urged me to go out with a bang, for I wrote eighteen verses over six pages. THANKFULLY, I got it all memorized in six days, so now I just have to repeat it over and over out loud in under four minutes for the next two weeks before the finals! HOOYAH!

So, no doubt anything superbly creative won't be happening for about two weeks, so blog updates will be scarce. Getting my poem down pat is very important to me right now, especially since this is my last year being able to enter. =3

Wish me luck! 8D