Friday, February 11, 2011

I Am Ill....I Know It.

I am going to openly confess that I have a serious problem with the design template creator thing. xD I can't get enough of it! There are so many different, wonderful backgrounds and not enough time to try them all in one day.


I just want to constantly change the background depending on what mood I'm in. o.o
Some days I feel like I should be in some amazing European city, slowly waltzing down the warm streets, eyes turned toward the flowery-windowbox-ed buildings around me, nose gracefully tilted toward the stalls of aromatic spices and fresh fruits and veggies (in a nutshell, a tourist in some place like Italy. 8D). And other days I feel like I could dress up in kimono and take a quiet walk down a rainy street in Tokyo (how funny that my sister is listening to Japanese music, "Chocolate" by Kaya to be exact), wooden sandals clip-clopping down the street. -dreamy sigh-

So be prepared to see a bazillion different layouts. I fully intend to change the background often. And I mean often. ;-D

I was getting tired of the fabric background, so I decided to support the Singles Awareness Day by making the background wonderful red roses~ -sings and dances-