Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rain-Rivers & Water-Blossoms

The rains have officially come. The entire week has been overcast and chilly, though today is quite humid. The sky is gray and threatens thunderstorms near constantly, and it is not uncommon to see a steady barrage of rain falling throughout an entire day and into the night. The yard squishes with every step, and pools of rainwater linger everywhere.

The rain has withheld for the time being, allowing me the opportunity to yank on some boots and run outside. The most darling patch of mushrooms sprouted some ways down the yard and I have been itching to photograph them since I saw them there this morning. They are darling in person -- quite the characters as they stand there silently and simply exist! 

Once their portraits were captured, I was lured about the yard by the few flowers that have not been washed away this week. I do not know their names, but there are sturdy bunches of them gathered in places where water does not run through during the river-rains.

I finished my work yesterday and have nothing left for the weekend except projects hanging above my head like the cotton webbing of clouds above today. I can say with all honesty that I do not wish to spend time on them right now, as my mind has been running strictly in work-mode all week. My Wednesday break was removed when a cough kept me from choir, so I dedicated the day to writing a paper. As a result, I am sitting about today feeling drained and almost useless. It is rest, though, I tell myself, and my feeling of needing to do something productive is no doubt my body's way of unwinding. No matter how hard I try to unwind, however, the knowledge of what work lies ahead winds me back up and I spring about like the hares that rummaged through the yard this morning in search of tender leaves to munch on... though my springing is with significantly less spontaneous freedom. Not much longer, though! Soon I shall be able to rest knowing I don't have to work quite so hard all the time. The mental drain is quite strong this semester, that is for certain, and I know I have vented on it quite a lot here, but I do not say it lightly. It has been rough. I am thankful and happy, but oh. It has been rough.

Thankfully, walks through nature help, even if that nature is only my own dear front yard, battered by rain and almost unrecognizable beneath layers of mud and foliage.

Happy Saturday, all! ♥