Monday, April 6, 2015

Of Bunnies, Blossoms, and Books!

Spring has come at last! I am thrilled beyond words, and now eagerly await steady warm temperatures to come and settle over the land. This week is supposed to be stormy, and even now the sunlight has taken on that odd yellow hue that is characteristic of stormy weather when the light filters through a thick sky-blanket of clouds. I spent a little time outside today and greeted the rabbits as the cool wind ruffled the wind around me. It was truly lovely and refreshing. Were I not sick at the moment, I should have liked to have spent a few more minutes outdoors, but the pollen floating about does not exactly make a stuffy nose any better.

Easter was a lovely day, and I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and church to spend the day with. A wonderful meal followed by wonderful fellowship and a great little Bible-study talk at the dinner table over cups of coffee and dessert. I thank God for letting me be able to relax in such a manner! 

Now I am on spring break, which I am also greatly thankful for. I have exactly one month left of this semester, and all that stands between that and me at this moment are two unwritten papers due in three weeks and a business plan. Inhale. Exhale. I can do this. I can do this. However, even while I'll be writing said papers over this break (toss in some math homework, too), I do plan to spend time fishing and crafting as much as my analytical mind will allow. At the moment I am taking a break from cleaning my room to write this, but I will be back in the grind tidying what has been destroyed by an overfilled school schedule. Oh how I cannot wait for summer and some freedom! I adore school, but this girl needs a break that lasts more than a week, I can tell you that.

I have also managed to come to add two new books to my reading list, both treasures I found at Goodwill. They follow my major and my faith, which makes them unique against my large shelf of fiction. However, I thoroughly look forward to sticking my nose into the pages! They are: "Jesus, CEO" by Laurie Beth Jones, and "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" by Joanna Weaver. As I said, both seem to be very good reads and I will start them as soon as I finish "The Red Queen" by Philippa Gregory (which I have almost finished, by the way!).

Oh, not much else is occurring, truth be told. It is pleasantly slow today. I have begun to wonder if it is worth the effort to start random journals and record my thoughts, but I am afraid I won't be able to dedicate to such things because I have never been much of a diary keeper. But there are many things I could ramble on about here. Perhaps I should simply start rambling here! It could be quite entertaining, honestly.

On a random side note... I am feeling ever so Celtic/Medieval today. It must be the spring combined with the near constant reading of historical fiction. I need a Tudor gown. Now.

...To Pinterest!

Wishing you all a lovely week wherever you are! Try not to work too hard and allow yourselves a time to rest and enjoy the changing of the seasons!

Happy Monday! ♥