Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A New Season and Name

No, I have not gotten married. The name change is not that of my last name, nor of my first for that matter. For some time I have considered a simple change-of-name for my dear lovely blog here, and tonight I finally felt inspired to go through with it! (Of course, it may just as easily change back should I not like it tomorrow, but I really have been giving this a lot of thought!)

Why? Well, this blog is almost three years old. A lot has changed in three years, especially on the personal level. I feel much different than I did three years ago, and perhaps I wished to show this maturation through the renaming of my favorite little online journal. I have grown quite a bit, I feel, and I am unusually drawn to change. Good change. A moving forward sort of change. It is refreshing, and I rather like the feel of it.

A little history behind the name. As you can see, I have the words' definitions underneath them above on the banner. Of course, these are the present and past participle forms respectively, but they are the same. The idea behind it is this: life is a steady road. It is what we each make of it. Some roads are bumpy, some are smooth, and others are winding and wild, reckless as the land they cut through. Dabbling is the spontaneous act of, as parents put it when their children go about such things, getting one's fingers into everything. And fearlessly doing so. Incorporating something is the act of bringing random bits of everything together and making one big thing. I have always prided myself on getting into everything, and through high school I thought that was just a state of being. I was just naturally into everything. Now I feel it has become a serious part of the paving of my life road. I. Am. Into. Everything. All the time. Even if I am not physically doing something new or making something or travelling somewhere, my mind sure is! (I pray that made sense.)

So, for the time being, I am going to test out this new blog name. The content shall not drastically change, nor will the person whose fingers are relentlessly slapping at the keyboard to write this.... But she herself has changed. And she feels it in the air! More shall come, and she knows this for certain! 

(She does wish to know what you think, however, as your opinions as readers matter greatly. Please comment with your thoughts below!)

Join me on this ever-changing ride, dear readers! Wherever you are, whether I know you or not, let's all grow together!

Hope you all had a blessed, lovely Tuesday! ♥

P.S. These are blossoms from the sprout of the peach tree. I  don't recall if I told you all, but when a large pine fell last November, it crushed our huge peach tree. Thankfully, this little spindly wonder had already sprouted at the other's trunk, and it has flourished now that it is alone in the space. It has been a joy to watch it grow, and it's blossoms were so tender and fresh! Its first blossoms! A milestone for Baby Peach!