Monday, May 26, 2014

Just Keeping My Hands Busy~

Decoupage + earrings that are too heavy to wear = something that kept my hands busy while I was sick. It's a pretty nice earring holder, truth be told! It started out as something fun, but turned out to be pretty useful. It frees up my main earring holder, leaving space for earrings that don't stretch my earlobes too far. It's also been turned into a home for mismatched, partnerless earrings, which is pretty nice, too. I really love how the colors matched up, and the depth makes me happy (which is what we aim for in decoupage)!

Anywho, had fun and thought I'd share some of the creative joy...even if it is silly.

Happy Monday, everyone! ♥

P.S. Getting to be on the well side. Got another lingering cough, but it's slowly fading. Figured out that the flu is going through my house and that symptoms last up to two weeks AFTER the flu is gone. Yay for lingering fatigue! I see more crafts in the future because of this!