Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Pink Camo Case!

These past few weeks have been a fantastic start to a summer break! I applied for a job, made President's List at college, and got some more things crocheted! The creation above is another phone case, this one quite snug on Otterbox cases, so probably ideal for a phone without one OR for a phone with a case thinner than an Otterbox. But the colors are fun -- brown and pink -- and I chose to top it all off with a bow instead of a button.

For this past week, however, I have been sick. I don't know where I got it or who I got it from, but it's been here driving my hypersensitive lungs crazy. I'm getting to be on the mend now, but the rest of my family has caught it. We're all going to be close to miserable for my birthday on Friday, I'm guessing.

Ah well. At least the view from my bedroom window is lovely!

Wishing you all a warm (and well!) Wednesday! ♥