Monday, September 26, 2011

The First Fancy

I have always wanted to sing a duet with someone. Preferably a woman/man duet. Those are my favorites.
"Broken" by Seether and Amy Lee, "Good Stuff" by the B-52s, "October and April" by the Rasmus, "The Third Bar" by...I think it was Coldplay and Martha Wainright...the list is endless.

I love to sing. My entire family will account for that. I have songs I sing in Japanese, some in Russian, and of course English. Sometimes I'll try to tackle one of the French songs my sister listens to a lot (though French is rather frilly and I get tongue tied over everything xD). I'll sing as I do the dishes, sing in the shower (and get embarrassed when my sister sings along from another room) I'll sing when I'm alone and will gladly bust out with a CD in the car. And when my sister plays the guitar, you can count on me to come running from wherever I am just to sing along.

But most of all, I have always wanted to sing a duet with someone. Sometimes my sister will sing with me, but she is convinced she sounds dreadful and some days refuses to sing at all. And when my mom sings, she takes both parts. xD I would love to someday stand perhaps in the corner of a cafe or at some party of a friend, wedding perhaps, and sing a duet with a total stranger. A girl/guy duet, because I think those are the best.