Friday, September 9, 2011

The Air is Crisp and Cool

Many thanks to Hurricane Lee for ushering in the cool weather. I don't think it's supposed to be so refreshingly brisk this soon, but I hope it stays regardless. The days of 100+ degrees all day have been replaced with low 50s in the morning to the low 70s in the afternoon. Sheer pleasure. All the windows in the house are opened by my dad when he gets up, and the front door is even left open to grant the wind entrance to the living room. The air is so fresh and clean that I can't get enough of it. At all.

Yesterday was the perfect day to walk the restless dog. Being a Saint Bernard living in the South, summer isn't her favorite season. So she has been inside almost the entire time, lounging over the floor vents to soak up any and all bits of coolness possible. So when the morning was a stunning 56 degrees, my mom and I took Ms. Hyperactive out for a long walk. I seized the opportunity to take some much needed photography (being equally housebound as the dog in the heat). I downed my turtle neck and vest (which needed to be excavated from my dresser drawers), slipped on my black boots and departed in the truck.

It felt so good to be out in nature, taking pictures of my old friends again. The roses were still in bloom, flushed a dainty pink like humble ladies from the chilly breeze. The trees clattered in response to said air, crinkling high above my head while jumping about gracefully. The sun was just warm enough to permit no coat, yet hidden enough behind the dark cotton clouds to make for a very pleasant overcast day.
The entire trip invigorated me, and I rushed home to continue writing my novel while the remnants of the coolness still lingered deep inside my limbs. It was as if my body purposely absorbed all that I loved about the day so that I could release it slowly through my art as a form of inspiration. Sadly, I mis-clicked a button on my notepad and lost three paragraphs later that day. xD Oh well. At least I didn't lose all of it!
(But it was still frustrating!)