Friday, March 14, 2014

Springy Tidbits!

{Our newest family members: three Nigerian Dwarf goats! The two white ones are Pollyanne and Dairyqueen, and the tan one is Lady June ! All little darlings!}

 {With (some) days getting warmer, the very beginnings of Spring gardening have begun! Blueberry bushes are being planted, and the ground is being tilled and shoveled!}

{The family has also started early attempts in archery! This was taken during the process of lining up a scope for a crossbow intended for turkey hunting!}

Just some tidbits from my week. School is keeping me busy, but this week was great. I'll most likely be more blog-a-tive when Spring Break comes. Two weeks to go!

Hope you're all having a great Friday! It's almost the weekend! Huzzah! ♥