Monday, March 3, 2014

Free Time?

I don't have very much free time at all anymore. Truthfully, I have no free time. Don't get me wrong, I adore studying all the different subjects that I am involved in right now. Nothing makes me happier than having my nose stuffed into a book of knowledge (most currently, history and poetry!) As enjoyable as it is, I do hate having no time for anything but work. I know many people balance families, work, and school at the same time, but five classes are a bit much for little ol' me. I can't get a job this semester because of the schedule, totally due to the fact that I work ten hours a day on homework. Any free time that I do have in spent in seven hours of hibernation at night...where I dream about school and church constantly.

HOWEVER. I do sometimes get ahead in my homework on the weekends (if I'm lucky), and this is the result. I made these two weeks ago, but I did happily sit myself down for two hours and make the top necklace in one go, and then had some creative energy left over to almost finish the bottom one. It was relaxing and refreshing to follow a pattern then, and I only wish I had time to do the same things today. (I dedicated today to folding three weeks worth of laundry, however, so not a wasted day.) I experimented with the color scheme of the last necklace, and while they would not go together often, they have the same hue, or tone I should say, and I was inspired to stick them together for that reason. As a result, I have nicknamed this necklace "Fruit Cereal" as it looks like Trix or Cap'n Crunch.

The monotony of my semester was broken up last week, though, when my mom called with wonderful news: Goodwill had a huge bag of thread for six dollars. Now it's in my room, Christmas colored threads and obnoxious pinks and purples alike, waiting for me to have time to take them out of their bags and organize them with the twenty others I have. It makes me happy to see the collection growing, though, and I formulate projects for each skein every time I look at them.

Well, pretty much the past few weeks in a nutshell. I'm still working and working and working, living weekend to weekend and waiting for Spring break to come so I can actually think about something other than the gobs of homework I have. May brings the end of this semester and I look forward to every moment of it! For now, though, I'll drag a rolling suitcase around behind me two days a week, struggling to keep it hidden under my desk and out of the way of wandering feet. Grades await, and midterms are looming!