Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Day of the Honey Harvest!

{Today was honey harvesting day!}

{This is comb that the bees made all by themselves! Only the wooden frame was put in the hive, so they filled it with solid comb and honey!}

{It's very thick and very tasty!}

{A jar with just the comb inside! Isn't that beautiful?}

{More jars with cut comb.}

{A half-gallon jar with cut comb.}

{Jars of comb now filled with honey.}

{Look how gorgeous that is!}

Mom and Dad both worked hard this morning to haul in the heavy frames of honey, trying to keep the surprised bees from coming inside the house. Once inside, the frames would be put in a big metal tray until they could be scraped and put in the extractor to have the honey spun out. The honey is then strained and jarred. YUM!
Thank you, Lord, for this sweet and sticky gift!