Friday, July 15, 2011

Spring Blooms Fill Summer's Rooms

Summer can be so lovely at times. If one pushes the sweltering heat aside, one is confronted with the many wonders of the warmth. Ripe tomato fruits pop out of the greenery like strange cherry-fireflies of daylight, and their banana-yellow brethren down low, half-hidden in the leafy brush save for the telling glow of a squash. Baby polka-dots litter the front and back yards, and upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be hoards of wild strawberries. Outside the kitchen window, a songbird makes her nest in the blue berry bushes, finding it easier to eat from there than to hunt for bugs in the grass. Even the queen bees are brought to life in the hives, bursting from their time capsules into a hive full of workers.

Normally spring would conjure up such thoughts of life and newness, yet I find summer can do the same, making fresh things from the materials left behind from spring's previous wonders. Fruit will soon come forth from the blossoms Spring opened, seeds will sprout and rise to become the gorgeous trees and flowers of hot season. Everything comes from something, and all of it is equally beautiful and inspiring.