Saturday, July 9, 2011

Might I Buy You Flowers?

I adore flowers. And thankfully there are tons, TONS, of flowering plants situated around my home. The names of the plants escape me, but it hardly matters when the camera is gripped between my hands, one finger raised over the button that captures the beauty made by God before me.

I run about like a child in search of Easter eggs when I have a camera. Like a cowboy and the faithful steed, we go wherever the winds take us, bringing back treasures to sift through. Sometimes it will even come with me when I'm shopping, snapping intriguing urban shots from behind a car window.

My computer files are loaded to the hilt with photos, and not all of those end up here. Only the best of the best make it to the blog stage. The others I use for inspiration with my writing. Lakeside shots for reference while I create my novels, for most require imaginative, fantastical settings and I must have beautiful photos to base the images from. And then there are the ones I take just for fun. They really serve no purpose other than giving me enjoyment while taking and looking through them later.

All in all, I adore photography. I love capturing an image that no one else sees unless it is in a photo. I love keeping a memory alive in picture-cryo. Should I ever get the chance to take photography classes, I should leap at it immediately!