Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Missing: Muse of Blogging

Do you ever want to make something, but don't have the materials, so you just sit around feeling awful because you need to make it, but can't and don't know what to do?

The epitome of my current blogging situation. Seems like the muse of blogs has laughed in my face, run out the door, and is now hiding in potential picture-subjects along with the ticks and mosquitos. And all I can do is sit behind my protective screen door and pout.

I want to write, I really honestly do, but there is absolutely nothing going on right now. It's hot, there are blood sucking parasites outside, and I'm always tired. ;.;

Thankfully, on the upper side of things, I start college (if memory serves, which it usually doesn't, but anyway) on the 22nd of August. I plan on attempting to keep a journal through my college-ing weeks, which will probably roll over onto the blog as well. =D So hopefully my readers will get a kick out of reading about my first days. Perhaps I will be able to get some good photographs of nature then, too.

I can't wait to start school again. It's a whole new world for me, and I'm working my way into the ranks. Granted those ranks are very low, but I am moving up in the world! I went from Senior to...freshmen? I guess that's so for a four-year college, not a two year, but whatever. I'm a college freshmen! I'm going to be studying cosmetology with the hopes of someday owning my own salon, so happy joy joy there! Reasoning has it that having a salon is a smart move for this sort of economy, seeing as, no matter what, people will need their hair cut. No matter where I am in the country, no matter the state of the economy, someone will need to find someone else to cut their hair! It's a fantastic idea I think. And I love to talk (can hardly shut me up when I'm on a subject I love), so a job like this is more ideal than being a doctor (occupational therapy was my first choice, and is still in the running for perhaps future study).

On a side note, I did crochet a big pig plushie for a friend's birthday a while back. I forgot to get a picture of it before I mailed it off, but here are some of the shots from when it was first born. =3

Oink, oink!