Friday, June 5, 2015

Blanche the Basset Hound

My family loves hound dogs. It is something that just comes naturally to us -- we all work best with hound dogs or rather big-boned dogs like our Saint Bernard. Whichever is the case, bloodhounds are our favorites of the hounds. My mom has been searching for a smaller dog, though, to round out our pack of lovelies, and as she was looking over her favorite pet-finding website today, she saw a future family member: a tiny little female basset hound.

So, I threw on my shoes and grabbed my purse, then hurried out of the house with my mom. Soon we were on our way to the local humane society, and when we got there, we quickly asked to see the basset hound. Turns out, she was in the little pen area behind us, so we turned around and looked over the chest-high wall to catch a glimpse of the tiny creature we had come to find. A pair of smart brown eyes looked back up at us instantly, and two chubby feet slapped onto the wall as the short little hound stretched to see us better. 

It was instant love. When we saw how mild she was, and how sweet and smart she was, we knew she was coming home. All while paperwork was being filled out, the little one was trotting all over the main room, running from me to my mom to various volunteers and other dogs, just plopping one chubby foot after another in a gentle manner that was void of over-exuberance. This one knew she didn't have to get anywhere fast, and she didn't try to get her stubby little legs to do so anyhow.

We were quickly informed that she loved to be a shadow. She would follow on the heels of whoever moved about, and then stop when the walking feet stopped and roll onto her back begging for a tummy rub. She was by no means invasive, as some little dogs can be when begging for attention, but rather rolled over and held up a sign that said, "Hey, I'm down here if you want to scratch my belly. Thanks." 

So she came home, and she handled the changes superbly. We introduced her to our Saint Bernard, Liesl, first, and the two instantly hit it off (especially since Liesl loves little creatures!), and then the two bloodhounds hurried out to meet their long-eared comrade. Our oldest hound, Ellie Mae, was first out the door, running ahead as elder hound. She instantly loved the new arrival, and our young male bloodhound, Moses, quickly greeted her as well. The pack then proceeded to follow the stubby one around the yard, and when the two big hounds went back inside to eat, Liesl proceeded to show her new small love around the yard. It was a darling sight indeed!

After conversation and the consultation of the baby name book I use for writing, our little one has been dubbed Blanche. Sweet and mild, simple and darling. The name was perfect.

The younger kids were thrilled to have a tiny dog, and we all look forward to having Blanche calmly trotting through the house very soon!

...But first, potty training!

Have a lovely Friday, all! ♥