Sunday, May 17, 2015

Crochet Me Gloves

It has been some time since I sat down and crocheted, and the other day I decided that there was no point in saving yarn for superior projects when I never completed any projects at all anyhow. So I took out some of my best yarn and stitched together this glove for my sister! The other glove is still under construction, but shall be completed soon. This one shall not have to be alone for long, and I shall then be searching for more patterns to go after.

The pattern certainly worked out perfectly, and the glove is quite comfortable! 

On a side note, I feel such a strong need to clean and organize things around my room and around the house in general. I also have a strong desire to buy a million small succulents and put them in all sorts of fun pots, but I would start to need to acquire shelving... and I don't even have that for my books. 

Hope you all are doing well! It is a beautiful spring, and I hope this weather continues to my birthday this Saturday!

Have a lovely Sunday, all! ♥