Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kids & Classes

Hello all! Sorry for the silence as of late -- taking five classes is rough! I can honestly say I don't have time to sit down and think anymore, all my time is taken up by homework. As a result, a lot of "me" things have been neglected (like a haircut!).

However, while classes have held me down under an iron boot, life has not ceased going on around me! All of our expecting does had their kids between the last weeks of January and now, and they are complete darlings! They are certainly called kids for a reason, and it is fun to see the strong difference between the boys and the girls as far as their behavior is concerned.

Having all the kids finally born is a relief to me, as the goat yards are toward my end of the house, resulting in me becoming the honorary "listen-for-the-screams-of-labor" girl. 6 am every morning I would get a text message from my mom at the other end of the house that said, "Goat screaming?" Sleepily I would squint at my phone and reply, "Rooster crowing." Then I'd get a "Thx" and be allowed to go back to sleep.

Now that the kids are here, one wold think I would be able to get some sleep. Not so. Two of our does (who were bottle fed by us when they were young) like to scream loudly for their food. They are fed almost three times a day, yet never fail to scream like they are starving in the wilderness. So, 7:30 am, screaming starts. Bye bye sleeping in, but I don't mind. They're the family animals, and I love them dearly... even if they do scream something fierce!

So now I get to sit and watch the kids run around like maniacs from the safety of my own window. It's a wonderful thing to see.

As far as anything else goes, like I said, I have absolutely no time. It's been getting me down a little because I don't even have time to sit and read for a while. I love my classes and love what I'm learning, but I think I may be ready for a break. A long break. Over the summer. It could be a mix of the dreary, cold weather mixing with a stressful workload, but it has been a few weeks of drudgery for me. I know I'll push through it, but in the mean time it's just not fun. I'm trying to tell myself it's all right to take a break and do nothing for a while, but when you have a workload staring at you, it's a bit tough to relax.

To update you all on my growing fondness for coffee: I think I may love it more than tea. I had to switch to decaff, though! Two cups of coffee in the morning gives me some gosh awful anxiety. ACK!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! ♥
Stay warm out there (unless you're lucky enough to live in Florida or California)!