Thursday, January 15, 2015

What a Doll!

I would like to take but a moment to be a proud sister and share with you what my dear younger sister has made!

She has always been the more artistic of the two of us, and this is one of her latest creations. She loves dolls, and sews many herself, but her current obsession is "face-up" dolls. I watched this doll become a person though her hands, and it was amazing to see such a distinct personality emerge in this doll. I was glad to be a part of seeing this little creation come to life, even though my biggest part in the "artsy" aspect was helping figure out what she was going to wear. Once she was finished, though, I got to write the story. I got to take the little person my sister made, and put her into words. What a joy it was!

To find this doll and her story, follow this link to my sister's Etsy store:

There are more darling creations much like this one in her shop, so make sure you stop by if you are interested!

Have a lovely day, all!