Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sweet Sunday

{A gorgeous sunrise on the way to church this morning!}

{Over the winter, our firepit filled with water, and the honeybees were taking advantage of the situation by soaking up as much water as their cute little bodies could hold.}

{A fairytale forest, maybe?}

{Over the colder days, the muskedine grapes were uprooted, as they had not produced fruit for several years, and replaced with different varieties of blueberry bushes! The will soon be as big as the muskedines were and will produce ten times more fruit!}

{Ah, sweet, soft, precious baby bunnies. So soft, you almost can't feel the softness.  First, my little sister holding the little softie, the next two of my little brother, and then I got to hold the little blob of...SOFTNESS. I didn't want to put the little dear back.}

{Nothing says, "Spring is coming!" like a pollen covered ladybug! First one we've seen this season!}

{The peach tree has just revealed tender pink blossoms, just now catching up with the pear trees, which, oddly enough, bloomed while it was still freezing cold a few weeks back!}