Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two Years Ago, a Birthday Today!

Two years ago today, this blog was born. I had tried to run several blogs before, but after being without them for several months, I knew it was time to make a new one. A different one. A serious one. One that I would put my heart and soul into with the hopes of it flourishing. I had read through books about how to blog, and they were an inspiration. So after deciding on a name, this blog officially began.

It seemed different than other blogs right from the start, now that I think about it. I had my doubts about being able to run another blog, but I found that the less I focused on running it, the more I could focus on posting something every week.

Of course, I wasn't able to post something right on time every week. As the months went on, I even went on an unannounced hiatus, and posts were sporadic, but not without my best attempts to make them as best as I could. Even now my posts are not perfect, but I am trying my best to make them better and better each time.

And then my first follower came, and then others, and it inspired me to post more often, which inspired me to create more things to write about. Soon I was carrying a camera around with me, ready to take pictures of anything that caught my fancy! And it was exciting, and it is still exciting to this day. 

Even when school has me busy and bogged down, as happens with all school, I plan to do my best to post something interesting for all my wonderful followers and readers. 

You guys make blogging worth stressing over what to post next when there is homework hanging over my head and when inspiration has run out the door with all my creativity. Thanks for sticking with me and bothering to read what I have to say. =)

Thank you for two wonderful years, and, Lord willing, many more!

Happy birthday, Forever-a-Dabbler, my dear blog.