Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflections and Expectations

Wow. It has been over a month since I last blogged anything. Finals hit, and then the holidays hit, and WOOSH: no time to find anything to blog about. I have been able to do very little in the way of creative things, save the occasional crochet work (mostly by request). 

((I did, however, manage to make a crocheted necklace yesterday following a pattern from a book I got for Christmas!))

That aside, this month has been a wonderful, blessed month. And more so, looking back, this has been a very blessed year (through slow days and fast!). The Lord has smiled upon me and my entire family, giving us a very good year. With these hard times coming, we will smile back on this year and pray for a year as good as this.

That said, the new year looms ahead, already seeming dismal. Gas and milk prices are supposed to rise, which is not a good thing for a family the size of mine (what with there being two growing little ones and me driving back and forth to school all week). It's going to be quite tight, but I reckon there shall be some light shining through these coming clouds. I have resolutions that I do hope to complete for 2013, though I have yet to officially write a list. I have some things in mind, things that have just popped up as I have gotten older. I will be turning 20 in 2013, so there are plenty of things I want to get into the habit of doing now so I can be fit and healthy later. Creativity is something I want to further indulge in and broaden this year, but I may just be sticking to yarn crafts. Maybe wire. Depends on what I get to and how much it costs (isn't that a sad factor of everything?). Aside from the things I know I want to do, I want to do things I don't know that I want to do. I want to walk down this road of life and pick flowers that have never caught my eye before. I want to wave to strangers and brighten their days with just a smile, knowing that a smile may be just what they need to pull through another mile of their road. I want to be free as the wind, yet wise as an owl, knowing when to reign in fun time to get work done. I want to take plenty of pictures and finish plenty of stories. I want to make new friends, and I want to sit back and smile with my family in the evening. 

I want to live.

I just want to be happy with what I have. I want to live simply, yet live large. I want to have everything important and nothing frivolous. I want to check a "I lived" box off at the end of each month, knowing that even though I may have cried or been angry, I had a full, good life during those days. I don't want everything to go my way, I don't want to be a cliche of "happy". I just want to live and enjoy the time the Lord has given to me.

After all, why would I not want to live a life that God Himself gave to me? ♥

Love you all, and may the last days of this year be blessed ones for you!