Sunday, December 30, 2012

Candle, Candle, Randomness!

Ah, candles! 

Ever since I was little I have adored everything about candles, and that love has endured to even today. Of course, why would it not? Candles are fabulous!

I know, this may appear to be a completely random post, but what post isn't random, really? Nothing beats a totally unexpected filler of fluff to separate the mundane from the insane.

Anyway, back to candles.

I adore the smell of not just the candles, but the smell of matches, too! Nothing beats the scent of a singed or burning match as you're lighting the candle. Then you gently shake the flame away and make the smoke swirl dragon-like through the air right off the little wooden stick. It is tossed aside afterwards, usually into the sink where it doesn't run the risk of setting anything ablaze...much like a dragon, but I don't think I could get one of those into the sink....Nor would one want to be there. 

Then the moment we all wait for: the actual smell of the candle! I don't have a particular favorite "flavor", if you will, but my first choice for everything is always something apple related. Next would be anything fresh, like lavender, ocean mist, or clean linen. I also like citrus mixed with cranberry (something or other like it). I find evergreen to be obnoxious to the nostrils, personally, and when I waltz unsuspectingly into a room where one such candle is covertly melting away out of my sight, I don't have the luxury of putting it out because other people do like that smell. So I run back to my room and stuff my face into an unlit candle jar of apple smellies.  It's torture, but I normally survive.

But after several hours, your stupid nose decided to get used to the wonderful odor of the burning beauty you lit, and all of a sudden you can't smell it anymore. Brilliant. No matter how close you get to the candle, how hard you inhale to try to glean a smidgen of beauty, it is all in vain. You just can't smell it anymore. So, with a heavy heart, you blow the flickering flame out because you want to save as much smelly wax for later when you actually can smell again.

My favorite part: the smell of the candle spewing smoke from the cooling wick! I will purposely hang around just for this, much for the same reason as when a match is blown out...and staying near campfires lit anywhere, but that's a whole 'nother story. I just love the smell of the candle-smoke.

And then it's gone and I'm on my way, waiting for another time to light a candle and turn off all the lights just so I can sit in the dim, flickering light in bliss. I love candlelight, especially when the reason candles are  lit is because the power has gone out during a storm. Makes me safe and snuggy inside with the soft light dancing across the walls and my face.

The End.

I told you it was random, but hey. I had to get it out!

Have a wonderful week, everyone! ♥